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Reasons to use desktop monitoring software!

Industrial official and confidential data is stored on computers systems and almost all possible official and confidential interactions, greetings and communication are done on an organization's computer corporate network systems, the security of the relevant information is a concerning sensitive ma…

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How Sales employee tracking system is useful?

Sales employee monitoring software basically helps in tracking the sales employees location and their all time activities and conduct at the time office hours in workplace or fields. It is a visual surveillance app as well which GPRS location detector along with employee monitoring. It is basically …

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Employee Monitoring Software and its usage in sales marketing

Desktop Monitoring software is basically a type of integrated and automated security concerned surveillance software and can be installed on an individual system on any network. It is and can only be accessed by a centralized system at the administrator location. The idea behind using this invention…

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How to achieve work productivity even outside the company?

Computer Monitoring is one very helpful technique for achieving high productivity. This is a mandatory need for company and there is nothing to feel violated about this feature abled. It has the potential to help for security issues that can ultimately affect business operations and integrity.

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How does Employee Monitoring influence an organization for better productivity?

There are several advantages of monitoring a system. It ensures that data is secured and the user is not upto some suspicious conduct. It ensures that employee is using workplace system for business and work purpose only. Mostly monitoring softwares are at very reasonable costs and its possible to c…

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Employee Monitoring and its merits in an organization

As the performance and conduct of the employees in any organization is basically directly proportional to the success and productivity of the company, and so enhancing and paying attention to an employee’s performance is one pivotal concern.

 Apart from the general interacting, associatin…

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How does monitoring employees proves helpful for organization?

Free Employee monitoring is the process of gathering information about the GPS location and practices of employees via monitoring devices and its methods for workplace surveillance. This free monitoring system monitor employees and helps to improve, attain high productivity and protect various offic…

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Computer Monitoring Software and its benefits

Yes, we are again discussing about the very famous computer Monitoring software. Computer Monitoring software observes, captures , tracks and records the operations and activities of users, applications and network services used by them on a computer or enterprise systems. This software provides a w…

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How does user monitoring software proves its usefulness?

In the arena of information security, user monitoring can be recognized as the monitoring and recording of actions done by user. It captures user’s actions, the usage of applications by users, windows opened and used, system commands which are executed, any checkboxes clicked, text entered or edited…

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How Monitoring tracking Device provides children safety?

As parents, it is really very difficult to make tough decisions. The responsibility of parents start right from an infant and keep rising everyday. They are parents who have to decide what is best to eat for kids, wear, play with, talk about, and experience in surroundings. It is parent's responsibi…

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How can we control and monitor data leak crimes in a company?

There are several advantages of monitoring a system. It ensures that data is secured and the user is not upto some suspicious conduct. It ensures that employee are using workplace system for business and work purpose only. i-Zon in every way helps to keep an eye on the user . It basically works very…

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Why should an organization adapt the concept of Employee Monitoring?


Employee monitoring has many advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to enhance the productivity of employees in an organization, advantages always outnumber the disadvantages. By using employee monitoring technique, organization enhances and increases the productivity of their employe…

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Tips to enhance the productivity of your Company Employee

Employee sales tracking software brought into IT sphere is a day Track software that provide tacking services. It features tracking sales employees in field sales job. It tracks the work field sales employee GPRS location. The basic fundamental of sales tracking software is tracking and keeping the …

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i-Zon – How it can enhance employee monitoring?

i-Zon! Yes, we are back again with the promotions of i-Zon . It happens to be a monitoring small invention which can be also explained as eyes-on.  I would like to fill all of you once again with uprising benefits of computer monitoring application of i-Zon software.  Let’s begin with its basics and…

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Sales and it’s Employee Tracking App

Employee sales Tracking App launched and introduced some time ago is generously a very handy app. Its day Track features proposes and offers tracking employees in the department of sales or field sales. It records or captures the on field sales employee GPRS location and can track that employee.  Th…

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Will i-Zon work for love – relationships?

Yes people, I am back with another happening advantage of this software ‘i-Zon’. Yes, that very one which a monitoring software, for kids, primarily for employees and then yes of course it can imply to partners too. Truly humorous, but yes this time IT brought something for couples too. 


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How can we increase and enhance the performance of the employee?

Any company is started with a Director, a mastermind who creates it. But the very performance of the company, its achievement, and its excellence depends upon the conduct of the employees. Employees are the true souls of any industry. They are the basic nerve of success for any company.

As the pe…

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The Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

The Human Resource system was not initialize, the processes weren't as smooth and would eat up a lot of time of the HR personnel. Keeping a track of every employee's leave to managing their attendance was not an easy task then, but owing to the technological advancements, all this has not only becom…

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Computer Monitoring System

Ever wished you had the chance to observe each of the actions on your laptop? Well, you now have the proper kind of software to carry out monitoring of all the activities that typically takes place on a pc. With the help of spy software one is in complete control over the whole actions that are usua…

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Sales Employee Tracking Software

With Latest Technology, the need for acquiring all representatives under one umbrella is quick lessening. While many organizations are incited with WFH and send their representatives on Field for work. Development organizations, oil rigs, showcasing offices, specialized specialist organizations, and…

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